Stylized Knight Rig

Raymond Kruk
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Presenting the all new stylized knight with court clothes rig.  Keeping in vein of showing you a vast amount of flexibility and features in my rigs, I offer the rig as a free download for aspiring riggers/animators.  Model is seamlessly built on quads, built light for fast animation and rendering.  The new stylized features of the model provide high flexibility, not just style to your animations.  The rig is built using a modular/scripted rigging system and customization in controls in the face system using a combination of curves, joints and blend shapes to make a flexible but light facial setup.  All rigs are not built the same but are tested through what gives the best deformation.  That being said. the rig is setup for pro-animation-so yes you can go off model for extremes.  The model also includes a bendy sword and shooting gun.  Was modeled/rigged using Maya 2017 but has been tested on 2018, and 2019.  Earlier versions may work but support is not given for earlier versions than 2017. Rig is provided as is under license and can be used in rig testing, commercial, non-commercial projects. There may be occasional updates if major rig concerns/breaks/fixes are needed.  Horse and dragon rigs are not included with the knight rig, but are coming soon to the store.

Note: If wanting to learn the techniques displayed in the rig check out my TD guide to character rigging here on Gumroad. 

Thanks and happy animating.

Update Version 1.1 August 20_2020

Added two new styles including doctor outfit and casual outfit. Another type of hair found in the head control in addition to a surgeon's mirror. New gloves to hands control. Imported to .ma file. Tested and rendered shots in Maya 2019.2

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Stylized Knight Rig

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